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Blue by Betsey Johnson Women’s SB-EVA Fashion Sneakers are too tight – The Fix


Gorgeous fashion sneakers but they’re too tight across the top of my foot.   I bought two pair of these on amazon (blush and black satin) and they are gorgeous.  I love them.  I want them.  I bought them. So now I gotta fix them!
I’ve come up with a solution that will not take away from the shoes and will actually turn them into shoes that I can wear even if my feet swell up.   Cut the strap that goes over the top of the shoes.  The strap is what’s making the shoe tight.  It’s also the prettiest thing about the shoes.

So first, I’ll cut the strap as close to the end as I can.

Then burn the cut edge with a lighter to keep it from fraying.

Next cut a piece of white (blush shoe) or black (black shoe) adhesive backed velcro 2 inches in length and slightly smaller in width than the strap.

Next,  attach the hook-it side to the top of the shoe where the strap was attached about 1/2 inch in or more from where you want the strap to connect.  The distance in will depend on how wide your foot is.  Could be a little or a lot more!  It will look better if the velcro doesn’t show when you close the strap.  Give your self enough leeway that if your feet are swollen you can still attach it and the velcro won’t show.

Finally, I’ll add the corresponding piece to the strap and press.  PRESTO done.  Now you can buy these shoes and wear them comfortably all day long AND have the bonus of being able to adjust them if necessary!

Love them, Want them and fixed them.

Step by step pictures to follow:


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